Band to join battle commemorations

Defence secretary Sir Michael Fallon speaking on board HMS Queen Elizabeth as the Royal Navy's new aircraft carrier sets sail from Lossiemouth for the latest in a series of sea trials on Monday, July 24. Picture: PO PHOT Ray Jones/MoD/PA Wire

Defence secretary says ‘shut up’ to critics of aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth

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THE Royal Marines Band is set to to remember a naval battle.

HMS Bulwark is collecting the massed band of the Royal Marines, and the Royal Navy’s ceremonial Royal Guard, before sailing on Friday round to the Orkney Islands.

The ship leaves tomorrow for the commemorations of the 100th anniversary of the Battle of Jutland in and around Scapa Flow.

The battle saw the loss of 8,645 men – 6,094 British and 2,551 German.

Captain James Parkin, captain of HMS Bulwark said: ‘I am honoured that HMS Bulwark is able to play such a significant part in the Jutland 100 commemorations.’