Breathing kit centre opens at naval Base

Pictures of HMS Queen Elizabeth at Portsmouth naval base

Taken by the Ordnance Survey mapping plane Picture: Andrew Tyrrell / Ordnance Survey

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A TESTING facility for equipment which helps ensure servicemen and women can breathe and operate even after biological, chemical and nuclear attacks has opened at Portsmouth Naval Base.

The Advanced Respirator Test Set building has been opened to ensure all general service respirators – masks with filters to allow people to breathe while under a variety of attacks – are tested and found to work properly.

The GSRs replace the previous respirators, the S10. Improvements include allowing wearers a widened field of vision, and easier breathing and talking.

They are carried by all naval personnel on ships, and are tested every year. Lieutenant Commander Rob McClurg of the Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear Damage Control Team, said: ‘Having this type of facility on the naval base ensures each ship rigorously tests their respirators and avoids an unacceptably high burden on ship staff during their regeneration schedule.

‘The GSR is a fantastic replacement for the S10.’

We’re delighted to bring it into service.’