Charlotte finally arrives home after nine months

JOY Sailor Charlotte Stocker and daughter Daisy(113940-504)
JOY Sailor Charlotte Stocker and daughter Daisy(113940-504)
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CHARLOTTE Stocker is happier than most to have her feet back on dry land because she hasn’t been home for a total of nine months.

Drafted to serve on HMS Liverpool straight from now-decommissioned flagship HMS Ark Royal in March, the 23-year-old Able Seaman said it has been an exciting, if rather long, deployment.

She hugged her four-year-old daughter Daisy and said: ‘It has been really good.

‘But the extra time spent on Ark Royal made it more difficult.

‘The whole thing was a challenge and I’m happy to be back home with my family and daughter.’

Her dad Kevin Stocker, 49, is a Chief Petty Officer in the navy and said he was very proud of his daughter.

‘Being in the navy as well helps,’ he said. ‘Because I can understand what Charlotte is going through and it helps me not worry as much.

‘Still, nine months on a small ship must have been tough.’