Exhibition to honour fallen and list 10 men

Detail from an exact replica of Lord Nelson's diamond Chelengk jewels. Picture:Andrew Matthews/Press Association

Replica of Nelson’s stolen jewel on display

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RESEARCHERS have discovered the names of 10 men they want to see added to a village’s memorial list.

A group of residents from Titchfield made the discovery when they put together an exhibition to honour soldiers and sailors who fought in the Great War.

There are 41 servicemen honoured in a memorial list at St Peter’s Parish Church, Church Street, but the group has discovered another 10 men who should be added to the list.

The group used the 1911 census to find the homes of the soldiers, and are asking the occupants to create memorial window displays.

The project aims to provide a snapshot of life in the First World War. An exhibition has been organised for the Parish Rooms, on Sunday, August 3, from 10am until 5pm.

One of the group’s members Phil Burner said: ‘We hope to get more information from residents during the exhibition and enough to produce a small booklet detailing all the men, along with stories from the families of those that survived.’