Helicopter pilots get their sea legs by touching down on T45

Michelle Bates, WO2 Lloyd Gillingham, Noah, six, and Gunner Ryan Hancock
Pictures: Habibur Rahman

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THREE helicopters have touched down on the back of a Type 45 destroyer for the first time as part of air crew training.

A trio of Lynx aircraft from the Fleet Air Arm’s 702 Naval Air Squadron joined Portsmouth-based HMS Dauntless for the pilots to gain their sea legs.

The 702 NAS is used to prepare air crew and engineers who have already learned the basics of helicopters and teaches them how to master the Lynx Mark 8.

HMS Dauntless already had a Lynx embarked throughout her maiden deployment to Africa, the South Atlantic and Americas last year.

Commander Adrian Fryer, the commanding officer, said: ‘By dealing with 
three aircraft, it just goes to show how versatile and flexible a Type 45 can be.

‘Dauntless has been thoughtfully designed and is proving well-suited to conducting this type of high-tempo flying operation.

‘It’s a great opportunity for us to integrate these aircraft, and more importantly the air crew, into our ship’s company, and provide them with the platform and support they need to achieve their training.’

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