HMS Bristol coming home

HMS Bristol
HMS Bristol
HMS Duncan has returned to Portsmouth after spending three months in the Mediterranean Picture:  L/Phot Louise George

HMS Duncan returns to Portsmouth after three months away at sea

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ROYAL Navy training ship HMS Bristol returns to Portsmouth tomorrow following a six-month upgrade.

The ship, permanently berthed at Whale Island as the training ship for the navy, cadet forces and other uniformed youth organisations, was away for six months while being refitted on Tyneside.

The £4m work included structural and system improvements to bring the vessel up to the latest safety standards and improve living quarters.

The refit, carried out by A&P Group at Hebburn, should extend the life of the ship by at least 10 years.

Bristol will be de-rigged in the Naval Base before being transferred to her Whale Island berth on April 26. She will be available for use again on May 9.