HMS Illustrious leaves Portsmouth for large naval exercise

WAR GAMES HMS Illustrious leaving Portsmouth. Picture: Samantha Chapman

WAR GAMES HMS Illustrious leaving Portsmouth. Picture: Samantha Chapman

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SEVERAL Royal Navy warships from Portsmouth are gearing up for a large naval exercise.

Helicopter carrier HMS Illustrious left the city yesterday, bound for Scotland, where the war games will take place.

She will be joined by HMS Dauntless, Dragon, Kent, Chiddingfold, and Ledbury, plus numerous other ships which are based elsewhere.

They will take place in the biannual Joint Warrior exercise along with vessels, submarines, aircraft, and troops from the US, Turkey, Germany, Belgium, France, Denmark, and the Netherlands.

The ships will battle each other at sea to prepare for deployments across the globe, including the Atlantic, Mediterranean, and Middle East.

Commodore Jerry Kyd, who will lead the Royal Navy task group, said: ‘Joint Warrior is a large, multinational joint exercise that is an essential vehicle for preparing our armed forces for operations around the world.’

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