HMS Invincible sold to Turkish recyclers

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AIRCRAFT carrier HMS Invincible has been sold to a Turkish scrapyard which specialises in recycling ships.

In an eBay-style auction online by the MoD, Leyal Ship Recycling, based near Izmir, won the bid.

An MoD spokesman said they could not reveal how much the carrier went for due to commercial confidence.

They added: ‘After 25 years of service, HMS Invincible was decommissioned nearly six years ago and having reached the end of her distinguished career, it is right that we secure a good financial return for the taxpayer.

‘The bid from Leyal Ship Recycling does this and also ensures she is disposed of in an environmentally-friendly way. It is up to the company what they do with HMS Invincible.’

HMS Invincible is expected to be towed from Portsmouth by the end of March and is expected to arrive in Turkey four weeks later.

She is also expected to take eight months to dismantle before being sent.