Navy battle to prove who is the best chef

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SAILORS have been battling it out and putting their catering skills to the test in a cook-off competition on Whale Island.

The Royal Navy and Royal Marines took part in the field kitchen cook-off competition at HMS Excellent on Whale Island.

UP CLOSE  Lch Ashall from 30 Commando

UP CLOSE Lch Ashall from 30 Commando

Eight three-man teams worked to make a two-course meal from two ten-man ration packs and limited fresh produce in field conditions.

They were tasked with producing two hot choices for a main course and two desserts.

They then presented to judges who decided on the top four teams who will represent the Naval Service in the Tri-Service Culinary Competition later this summer.

Warrant Officer Class 2 Neville Kay, a Royal Marines Catering Officer, said: ‘As we are now starting to pull out of Afghanistan the Royal Marines and the Royal Navy are moving back into contingency operations.

‘Therefore we are going to be deployed all around the globe in all sorts of environment whether it be the jungle, the Arctic or back into the deserts.

‘The idea is that these guys can go out and practise the skills here and therefore produce healthy, nutritional meals for the guys back out in the field once they come back off exercise or patrols.’

Marine Matthew Aitken of 45 Commando, said: ‘It’s a good competition, it gets us to practise what we actually can do with the rations. This gives us an opportunity to practise the full potential we can get out of them.

‘It shows what teams can do as well from different units with different levels of lads.’

Corporal Simon Jones from 30 Commando, added: ‘It’s good fun. It’s a chance for all the lads to get together – all the Royal Marines chefs and our Navy counterparts, now we’ve all gone tri-service.

‘I love cooking. I used to be a mechanic and then I transferred across to be a chef.’