Navy guards Somali food

Portsmouth College. Picture Credit: Keith Woodland. PPP-161031-100119001

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HMS Richmond escorted a cargo ship filled with international food aid through pirate-infested waters to Somalia.

The Portsmouth-based frigate, off the war-torn Somali coast, is part of the European Union Naval Force protecting the UN’s World Food Programme deliveries to the capital, Mogadishu. She took a break from routine anti-piracy patrols to guard the aid ship MV Fadhil Rabi, which was delivering much-needed assistance to Somalia.

HMS Richmond’s Commanding Officer Captain Mike Walliker said: ‘It has been professionally very rewarding for my ship’s company to be in a position to help to ensure the safe and timely delivery of much-needed food aid to an area of the world that has been so blighted by food shortages and starvation.’

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