New book to help lessen stress of forces life

Defence minister Tobias Ellwood (right) has said he would be 'prepared to resign' if cuts are imposed

NATIONAL: Defence minister ‘prepared to resign if army cuts are imposed’

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AN ARMED forces charity has created a book to help with the stress of deployments.

The Royal Navy and Royal Marines Children’s Fund has created the book, titled Knit the Family, to help families cope before, during, and after deployments.

It explores different therapies for those suffering with the effects of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and Operational Stress 

Monique Bateman, the director of the fund, said: ‘Through conversations with family therapists and councillors, we identified there was a real lack of information and help readily available to families of returning military personnel.

‘The effect PTSD has on a person not only affects their life but also their families and can cause families to fall apart as they try to battle through.’

The book was created after the charitable fund was given a slice of the cash collected from the Libor bank 

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