On the upper deck of the Mary Rose

The gallery showing the men of the upper decks. Picture: HUFTON+CROW
The gallery showing the men of the upper decks. Picture: HUFTON+CROW
Members of the ship's company of HMS Ocean gave aid to hurricane victims

PICTURE GALLERY: Royal Navy's aid for hurricane victims

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THE upper deck of the Mary Rose was covered with a strong net to prevent enemies boarding the ship.

Unfortunately for the crew, this security measure was the downfall of hundreds of sailors who tried to escape the sinking vessel.

It was also on the upper decks that the ship’s officers had their cabins, and where the soldiers stood armed and ready to fight.

On the lower decks, there is evidence of the hierarchy and status of the officers who lived here.

The bowls are made of pewter, entertainment found in the form of highly-valued musical 
instruments and the personal chests contain jewellery.

Elsewhere on the upper deck sits a vast array of weapons, preserved so well in the mud of the Solent that many of them appear new.

Archers in Tudor times would have spent their lives training in how to use the longbow.

But anybody can put their strength to the test in a section of the museum dedicated to exploring the artefacts hands-on, including a chance to try the longbow or pike.

On the way out of this level, there is also an exhibition space dedicated to telling the story of the Mary Rose divers.