Poppy Appeal officially launched in Portsmouth

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RESPECTFUL quiet reigned as dozens of shoppers stopped to watch the launch of the Poppy Appeal in Portsmouth.

Lord Mayor of Portsmouth, Councillor David Fuller, was handed the first poppy to mark the opening of the appeal.

Cadets and standard bearers stood to attention as onlookers paid their respects.

Parade marshal Dean Deakins told The News: ‘It’s very poignant and meaningful.

‘The Portsmouth Poppy Appeal has just got bigger and bigger and it’s great that the people of Portsmouth have come out and stopped to witness the launch.’

A brass band played as the standards were lowered and raised to mark the occasion.

Onlooker Tina Heffernan said: ‘It’s very important that the younger generation remember, lots of people died during the wars to make our country the way it is today.’