Royal Navy aircraft carrier Prince of Wales ‘will not be mothballed’

Lt-Col Nick Grace saying farewell and leaving the rostrum for the last time at St Mary's Church, Fratton.

Thirty-five years of arm-waving Grace with the Royal Marines

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THE second of the Royal Navy’s new aircraft carriers will be brought into service, it has been announced.

The Prime Minister has confirmed Prince of Wales will be used and not mothballed, as originally feared.

The future of the vessel had been in question after the 2010 strategic defence review suggested it could be mothballed or sold to save money.

The final block of the state-of-the-art aircraft carrier left Portsmouth for Scotland last month, marking the last work that BAE Systems’ shipbuilding division will carry out before the company also heads north.

Prince of Wales is set to return to the city at the end of the decade, along with HMS Queen Elizabeth.

David Cameron said at a press conference at the conclusion of a two-day Nato summit in south Wales: ‘This will ensure that we will always have one carrier available, 100% of the time.

‘They are an investment in British security, British prosperity and our place in the world, transforming our ability to project power globally, whether independently or with our allies.’