Social club for ex-Royal Navy Type 21 servicemen

HMS Diamond leaving Portsmouth

Engine woes end HMS Diamond’s mission

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An association has been formed for all Royal Navy servicemen who served on the force’s Type 21 frigates.

The association will organise reunions and events, become a focal point for news and information, and act as a link to other related organisations.

It is hoped it will also be able to offer support and other services to its members as it grows in strength.

In the recent past, the association has held two reunions in Plymouth with guests coming from all over the globe to attend.

There were eight Type 21 Frigates that entered service between 1970 and 1975 – HMS Amazon, HMS Antelope, HMS Ambuscade, HMS Arrow, HMS Active, HMS Alacrity, HMS Ardent and HMS Avenger.

All eight ships were based in Devonport, Plymouth, and a serviceman would often serve on more than one of the Type 21s during his career.

Anyone who served on the Type 21s can join the association and membership is free.