The Red Plum is still facing exit

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So 365 days after she nearly sank in the Southern Oceans, HMS Endurance has limped on.

The Red Plum, as she is known, was expected by defence sources to be cut from the fleet as a result of today's reorganisation.

But there was shock when the river survey ship was chosen instead.

Twelve months ago today the crew of the Red Plum fought a devastating flood off the coast of Chile, which caused at least 30m of damage to the navy's only ice patrol ship.

The navy has constantly refused to tell the public what happened to the ship to cause the terrifying moments when she lost power and propulson.

Portsmouth South MP Mike Hancock, who sits on the Commons Defence Committee, said: 'I couldn't believe it when they ducked Endurance and said Roebuck was to go.

'I asked what was happening in the debate and again there's a dragging of feet.

'For this to go on for an entire year is ridiculous.'

The navy is considering disciplinary action against senior officers in the ship and until that is finished no investigation results will be made public.

A navy spokesman said: 'The future of HMS Endurance has not formed part of today's announcements - a decision is yet to be made.'

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