Trophy win for Royal Navy diving squadron

HMS Illustrious leaves Portsmouth for the last time
Picture: Shaun Roster

RETRO: Watch the last voyage of HMS Illustrious from Portsmouth

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ROYAL Navy divers have scooped an award for their operations around the globe.

The diving squadron, which is based at Horsea Island, Portsmouth, has won the Naval Capability Trophy.

Divers are sent all over the world on military operations – whether in support of special forces, disposing roadside bombs in Afghanistan, or blowing up sea mines in the Gulf and Mediterranean.

The diving team is used to repair the underside of ships and submarines and is on-call to help the emergency services in dealing with explosives found in the UK.

The award citation congratulates the divers for their ‘positive approach to taskings and willingness to take on new and ever more diverse operations’ across the world.

The trophy was presented to the divers recently by a Commander-in-Chief Fleet, Admiral Sir Trevor Soar.

The divers have been so busy that squadron leader, Commander Mark Savage, said: ‘This has been the first opportunity this year to get the majority of team together for the presentation.’