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AN ACTIVIST walked from London to Jerusalem to promote peace.

Rachel Nassif from Catherington embarked on a pilgrimage of more than 1,000km to promote unity between Israel and Palestine.

Rachel Nassif walked from London to Jerusalem to promote peace between Israel and Palestine

Rachel Nassif walked from London to Jerusalem to promote peace between Israel and Palestine

Having visited the region in 2009, the 65-year-old returned to Jerusalem with human rights collective, the Amos Trust, in a sign of solidarity.

She joined peace activists of Christian, Jewish and Muslim faiths on the so-called Just Walk – which marked 100 years of the Balfour Declaration, a British First World War statement announcing Palestine a national home for Jewish people.

Ms Nassif said: ‘I saw this walk as a brilliant opportunity to do something different to address the region’s unrest. It was a tough but amazing journey.’

Rachel joined the initiative for seven weeks across three legs.

She walked from London to Dover in June and crossed the Great St Bernard Pass in Switzerland in August, before completing a final journey from Thessaloniki to Jerusalem later that month.

On the conditions she faced, Rachel said: ‘Because of a heat wave, we had to start walking at about 5am. Climbing over the Great St Bernard Pass and through the Aosta Valley in Italy was the most challenging day of the pilgrimage. However, everyone we met along the way was so lovely – even though there were language barriers.’

After the Balfour Declaration was created in 1917, geographical unrest was sparked between Israel and Palestine.

Addressing the conflict, Rachel said: ‘I walked in hope that one day all people in the Holy land will live in peace as neighbours with full, equal rights.’

Please note: The attached video was created by the Amos Trust – a human rights organisation.