Why the convoy sailors deserve some recognition

Sailors honing their skills at Wellington Barracks in preparation for their Royal guard duties

‘Royal duties ahoy!’

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The News is supporting veterans who demand a medal for Royal Navy sailors and merchant seamen who served in the Russian Convoys in the Second World War.

More than 20,000 naval heroes ran a harrowing gauntlet of submarine and air attacks through sub-zero conditions to take munitions, food, fuel and other vital supplies to Russia.

Around 3,000 lives were lost in the convoys, but none of these brave men have ever been given a medal for their efforts.

The supplies probably saved Russia from being defeated, which would have made an Allied victory over the Nazis almost impossible because hundreds of German battalions would have been diverted to the Western Front.

But in 1946, the Arctic campaign veterans were overlooked when medals were handed out, because Russia had become an enemy instead of an ally.