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A THREE-DAY event will be held at Chichester Cathedral to raise awareness of human trafficking.

South West Sussex ACT Group has organised it in partnership with LouLou Morris, artist-in-residence at Chichester Cathedral, to highlight the problem.

Starting on Anti-Slavery Day on October 18, the events will inform the public what they need to look out for and to report anything suspicious to the police.

LouLou will paint a picture using fingerprints made out of lipstick.

They’re a sign made by people to say they want human trafficking to stop.

To close the event on October 20, thousands of biodegradable seeds will be released from the Cathedral Tower at 4.30pm.

Helen Perry, South West Sussex ACT co-ordinator, said: ‘Our hope is that this event will empower ordinary members of the community to recognise the signs of human trafficking and feel confident to report intelligence to the police.’