DIY material set ablaze in Portsmouth block of flats

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SIX fire engines were called to a high-rise block of flats after smoking materials caught alight.

The blaze started on the fifth floor of the eight-storey Arthur Pope House in Blackfriars Close, Somers Town, after smoking materials set fire to DIY equipment.

Firefighters were called at 11.15am yesterday after a resident phoned the fire brigade.

No one was injured. Police and paramedics were also called out.

Elsewhere firefighters attended Portsmouth Naval Base at 10.10am yesterday to assist with a fuel spill.

However, when a fire crew from Southsea arrived on the scene, officers from the naval base had already cleaned up the spillage.

Firefighters were called out to a bench fire on Milton Common, near Moorings Way, Milton at 7.15pm. No one was injured in the incident.