Dog bites conductor, forcing train to stop

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A TRAIN heading into Portsmouth was allegedly stopped after the conductor was bitten by a dog.

It has been reported that passengers on Sunday’s Southern Rail 2.17pm London Victoria to Portsmouth Harbour service, were forced off.

It came after the conductor of the train said he was bitten by a 12-inch Daxiedoodle puppy – a cross between a dachshund and a poodle.

The rail worker was walking through the train when he reached out to stroke the dog, which was sitting on its owner’s lap, before it bit his hand.

The service made an unscheduled stop at Fishbourne, West Sussex, where everyone was ushered off, so the conductor could have medical treatment.

It is reported a paramedic arrived, and took the conductor to hospital.

Another driver moved the train along the track, and passengers joined a delayed Southern Rail service to Portsmouth Harbour at 4.40pm.

Southern Rail spokesman Chris Hudson said: ‘The conductor was taken to hospital.

‘Because the presence of a conductor on that service is required, the train had to be cancelled from that point.’

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