A day to remember as pupils get messy making chocolates

SWEET Missy Dawkins and Daisy Warren-Smith making chocolates at Bedenham Primary School. Picture: Allan Hutchings (13369-409)
SWEET Missy Dawkins and Daisy Warren-Smith making chocolates at Bedenham Primary School. Picture: Allan Hutchings (13369-409)
From left, University Technical College students Poppy Rose, Madison Waugh and Ryan Lester

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THEY have spent weeks learning about the origins of chocolate – and now these pupils have been able to make their very own treats.

The Year 3 and Year 4 children from Bedenham Primary School in Gosport have been studying chocolate which has been linked to different parts of the curriculum, including history, geography and science.

They looked at where it is made and they also made their own adverts and wrote about chocolate using their persuasive writing skills.

And to reward them for their hard work, the school had a visit from The Chocolate Experience, which is run by Le Salon du Chocolat.

It allowed 66 lucky children to make their own chocolate treats using moulds of things such as hearts, flowers and letters.

Pupil Missy Dawkins, seven, said: ‘It’s exciting because we are allowed to make our own chocolates.

‘I have made some chocolate cake before but I haven’t actually made real chocolate.

‘I’m making them for my mum, that’s why they are love hearts.’

The children were able to take their chocolates home at the end of the day.

Year 4 teacher Kimberley Glenn said studying chocolate had been very beneficial for all children involved.

‘It interests and excites them,’ she said. ‘There is so much you can do with the chocolate topic.

‘They don’t realise that they are learning because they all love chocolate.

‘They all know about chocolate. It’s something that’s familiar to them.

‘They have learned so much outside of that.

‘I think they will realise that in anything, they can learn something. Not only that, but they are having fun.

‘They have been very excited. They’ve been waiting for it for ages.’

The children have also designed their own chocolates, which they will make later on in the term.

Dawn Shrives, owner of Le Salon du Chocolat, said that the scheme helps the children to become more creative.

‘It teaches them so many different skills,’ she said.

‘It enhances their creative writing skills. I have done this for nine years and every single class I have worked with say this is the thing that they remember and they talk about for a long time.’