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A SOUTHSEA artist has welcomed a report into the national curriculum that recommends the arts should be make compulsory for GCSE students.

Deborah Dodsworth, 38, of Carisbrooke Road, said she hoped the government would implement feedback from an expert panel that suggests art should be taught in all schools till the age of 16, instead of stopping at 14 years.

The mum-of-two, who teaches art at Oaklands Catholic School in Waterlooville, said: ‘Making art statutory would give the subject the value it deserves.

‘It’s great news that the recommendation is on the table, and I hope the government acts on it.

‘Regardless of the economic climate and school budgets, the arts in general have always been very poorly funded in schools.

‘I once worked at an 800-pupil secondary where the arts budget for the year was just £2,000.

‘If art becomes part of the curriculum throughout school then it stands a better chance of getting more funding.’

She added: ‘Art has everything in it – science, maths, language and much more. It gives children access to all the other subjects in a slightly different way.’