Authors inspire Titchfield pupils during visit

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A PAIR of popular children’s authors gave youngsters at a Titchfield school an afternoon to remember in a bid to get them reading.

The 2Steves, otherwise known as Steve Barlow and Steve Skidmore, yesterday visited St John the Baptist Primary School.

Some pupils from the nearby St Anthony’s Primary School also attended.

They took part in activities based around their books. The pair are known for books such as the Action Dogs series and the Tyranno Quest series.

It all links in with The News Read All About It campaign to improve literacy in schools across the area.

Steve Skidmore, said: ‘The kids enjoy it. It brings reading alive for them. It makes them realise that authors are human beings as well.

‘Hopefully, if they are having a great time it will make them want to read more.’

Steve Barlow added: ‘It keeps us in contact with our audience. We need to know what kids are thinking and feeling. The school visits are a benefit to us as well.’

Pupil Maisie Whybrow, nine, added: ‘It was funny and good. They are inspirational to lots of people.

‘It’s encouraging people to read more books and to read different books so they get a better understanding and have more imagination.’

The pair tour the country visiting school’s to inspire youngsters to get reading.

Hannah Plom, school library service advisor for the county council, said: ‘It’s about bringing authors to children so that they get excited about books and reading which of course improves their school work.

‘Children who read for pleasure outside school have higher achievement levels than those who don’t.’

At the end of the workshop, children could buy books and get them signed.

The pair also visited other schools this week including Mayfield School in North End and Crookhorn College of Technology in Waterlooville.




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