Balloon launch is sign of rise out of special measures for Portsmouth school

CELEBRATION Children launch 270 balloons at Meredith Infant School in North End. Picture: Malcolm Wells (1467-5908)

CELEBRATION Children launch 270 balloons at Meredith Infant School in North End. Picture: Malcolm Wells (1467-5908)


IT’S been a long journey, and now staff and pupils at Meredith Infant School are celebrating flying out of special measures.

A balloon release took place at the school as part of a celebration which saw the school go from being graded inadequate to good by Ofsted.

The school, based in North End, Portsmouth, has seen changes in its leadership since the school was placed in special measures.

Inspectors said that the determined leadership of the headteacher has resulted in significant improvement.

Teaching throughout the school continues to improve and seeks to engage pupils actively in their learning.

And the report said that relationships between staff and pupils are strong.

Behaviour is good in lessons and around school with pupils saying they enjoy school and feel safe at all times.

Headteacher Lucy Carroll said: ‘I am really proud to be the headteacher here.

‘I’m delighted that Ofsted has recognised the excellent work and the journey the school has been on over the last two years. It’s not been easy at all.

‘We have got amazing, committed staff. We couldn’t have done it without that commitment.

‘For the quality of teaching to be recognised is really important.

‘They have worked really hard on developing their teaching.

‘They have been thinking about exciting ways to engage the pupils and to make the curriculum exciting.

‘The children are so happy and confident. They are very resilient. We encourage them to work hard and they do.’

To become outstanding, the school needs to further improve pupils’ attainment and progress in English and maths.

Leaders and managers also need to set challenging targets for further improvement through the systems they use to gather information.

Ms Carroll added: ‘It’s really important to recognise that the journey for us still continues.

‘We will do the best for the children in our care.

‘It’s lovely to have that grading but we will still continue with the hard work for the children that are with us.’




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