Centre at university to help create jobs

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A ONE-STOP shop for innovation, entrepreneurship and the creation of new jobs for the city has opened at the University of Portsmouth.

The university has invested £500,000 into the Innovation Centre on Hampshire Terrace to help ignite the growth of entrepreneurship and businesses in the region.

Portsmouth is now the second city in the UK to be home to the Innovation Warehouse, a concept designed and tested in its London headquarters.

Alistair McDermott, director of knowledge services at the university, said: ‘The launch of Innovation Space is about the university bringing wealth and jobs to the region and promoting engagement with experts from university.

‘Together with the Innovation Warehouse, we are now in a position to help support local entrepreneurship and growth, which the city and region needs.’

The university’s goal is to put like-minded people in science and innovation together to find ways of solving problems or to help businesses make a change in the development of new products or services.

The Innovation Warehouse has plans to open eight more centres in the next two years.