Children should read at home, says Southsea headteacher

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HEADTEACHER Polly Honeychurch has stressed the importance of reading outside the classroom as new research shows it is a rare pastime amongst children.

Less than 50 per cent of youngsters aged between eight and 17 read a novel outside class every month and one in six ‘rarely’ read outside the classroom, according to the National Literacy Trust survey.

Mrs Honeychurch, head at Cottage Grove Primary, said: ‘Reading is a fundamental life skill that opens up so many opportunities, and we were delighted this year with our best ever Key Stage Two results for literacy (82 per cent achieved target pass rate).

‘We encourage all our pupils to read as much as possible and last year the children who made the most progress were the ones who read regularly inside and outside school.

‘It’s really important that children see adults at home reading, but we have encouraged our pupils to become library members and have signed up to a summer challenge to read six books over the holidays.’