Circus comes to town as pupils get ready to put on a big show

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CHILDREN had their school transformed into a circus for the day as part of their preparations for this year’s Rock Challenge.

Pupils at St Paul’s Primary School in Paulsgrove took part in a circus skills workshop with Greentop Circus.

Performers trained the children in basic circus skills such as using stilts, spinning plates, juggling and tightrope walking.

They also had lessons in riding a unicycle.

They will be using their new skills as part of their dance performance in this year’s Rock Challenge competition.

Ricky Dagnell, teaching assistant and Rock Challenge co-ordinator at the school, said it was a useful day for the children to get involved in.

‘Our performance is circus-based, so to build up some skills and some confidence for the children, we had Greentop Circus come in,’ he said.

‘It was absolutely incredible. The children loved it.

‘They all found something that they flourished in.

‘They all found a skill. Everyone found something that they’ve never done before.’

Rock Challenge is an annual competition for school’s across the country.

It attracts children from seven up to 18, with a junior event organised for the younger pupils.

And Mr Dagnell, who also organised Rock Challenge at the school last year, said it’s a good event for the children to get involved in.

‘Rock Challenge is a brilliant experience,’ he said.

‘This is my second year and this year you can just see that their confidence has just grown immensely.

‘It’s such a great opportunity for them.

‘Children who don’t always excel in academic subjects come to us and have a really incredible experience.

‘It has lots of benefits to all the children here.’




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