Estate agents see rise in properties

From left, Ella Rose, five, Emily Rose, five, and Louise Rose, 13. The Sir William Dupree & Phyllis Loe Chess Tournament, taking place at Portsmouth High School in April, is aimed at young people of all ages.

CAPTION: From left, Ella and Emily Rose, five, and Louise Rose, 13.

Battle of intellect for the 2017 chess title

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THE number of properties being put up for sale has soared by 25 per cent year on year as sellers become more realistic about how much their homes are worth, research has indicated.

The average estate agent branch had 70 properties on its books in February, up from just 56 a year earlier, says the National Association of Estate Agents.

It said the rise in sellers suggested there was renewed confidence in the market, while there were also signs that people were being more realistic about the price at which they should market their home.

The average estate agent also had 268 registered buyers, the third consecutive increase and the highest level for seven months.

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