Fighting for world peace... with umbrellas

INSPIRED From left, Isabel Blight, Millie Perry, Charlotte Cranston and Jessica Brooks. Picture: Ian Hargreaves  (133081-3)

INSPIRED From left, Isabel Blight, Millie Perry, Charlotte Cranston and Jessica Brooks. Picture: Ian Hargreaves (133081-3)

Supervisor Emily Moore, left, and deputy supervisor Becky Lansley, back right, with children from Hambledon Pre-School getting ready for their Muddy Puddle Walk for Save the Children

Tots are getting ready to splash in muddy puddles

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PARADING around the playground with their umbrellas, these children are campaigning for world peace.

The youngsters at St John’s Church of England Primary School in Gosport, took part in an umbrella parade, an event which was set up after the tragic events of September 11, 2001.

The global art project called Umbrellas for Peace, was organised to help people grieve for loved ones through art.

It led to people writing messages in support of world peace on umbrellas.

So the children at the school took on the challenge, taking their decorated umbrellas out into the rain and walking around the playground in support of the project.

Penny Jones, Year 6 teacher, said: ‘All of the year groups have done enquiries into peace and conflict and wars that have happened over the years and we’ve related it back to world peace.’

All children at the school, from Reception up to Year 6, took part in the project. Pupils also took part in a performance in the school hall, singing and rapping to the Black Eyed Peas track, Where is the Love.

Mrs Jones added: ‘I hope that they’ve got a voice and can stand up for what they believe in and be part of something not just within the school or their local community but something that’s a global project.’

Year 6 pupil Fay Roberts, 10, said: ‘It found it quite useful. There is a girl in our class who wasn’t very confident but doing this project has made her believe in herself.

‘It gets people quite excited because it’s a new thing. We’ve not done it before.’

Jacob Nelson, 11, also in Year 6, added: ‘It brought the school together as one. It doesn’t matter if you are in Year 1 or Year 6, you still have a say.

‘We have learnt about how tragedy can bring peace and how tragedy did happen and how devastating it can be.’

Mark Hearn, 11, said: ‘At the start of the year I wasn’t very confident but now I am. It’s helped me a bit. It helps other people.’

Umbrellas for Peace was started in America by artist Matt Lamb.

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