Former Havant College students take part in 661-mile charity run

Newbridge Junior School Picture: Maria Bujor

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TWO former Havant College students are giving this year’s Olympians a run for their money.

Moses Tutesigensi and Luke Harman took part in an epic race from Edinburgh to London via Cardiff to deliver a petition calling for more action on climate change to the Prime Minister.

Moses, 22, ran the 661-mile challenge in 16 days with fellow campaigner Catherine Garsed, 24, who cycled alongside him.

They were both joined for the last 16 miles by Luke, 27.

Moses and Catherine have so far raised just over £3,000 for international development charity Christian Aid.

They collected about 1,000 signatures along their route for the charity’s Justice Campaign – which aims to raise awareness of climate change.

Moses said: ‘This is an issue that affects the world’s poorest.

‘If global temperatures rise by two per cent, experts predict acute water shortages for one to three billion people, rising sea levels that could flood 18 per cent of Bangladesh and 30m people going hungry as agricultural yields fail globally.’

Luke, who has taken part in Portsmouth’s Great South Run twice, said: ‘Campaigning can sometimes feel very difficult, but people like Moses and Catherine make you realise people are willing to go the extra mile – or 660 odd.’

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