Havant students organise German film festival

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GERMAN films were the focus of a thought-provoking festival at Havant College.

Students studying A-level German organised their own film festival, inviting students from Springfield Technology College and the City of Portsmouth Girls School.

The students showed two films, held presentations and discussions around the films and served up German delicacies to eat.

Dominic Mortimer, who is studying German, said: ‘Part of our research in German A2 is to study a film.

Die Welle and Goodbye Lenin are great films.

‘They help us understand the issues and the emotions associated with German history, the war and the Berlin Wall. I really like history and I found studying a film related to history is really enjoyable and puts everything in perspective for me.’

Student Anna Wozniak added: ‘It’s really good to have secondary school students here, for them to see what we study at A-level, and to meet our teacher. I wish I had this opportunity when I was at school!’