Highbury College does maths with motors

Yousef Alam 6, Isabella Doyle 6, Halle Wellham 6, George McKechnie 6 and Isabel Manchip 6 with one of the islands they made out of papier mache

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FORMULA One is driving maths at a city college that has launched a qualification that teaches sums through the motor industry.

Indicate, a pre-GCSE course designed by the Institute of Motor Industry (IMI) and sponsored by Jaguar Land Rover; is now on offer to students at Highbury College in Cosham.

Lessons cover statistics and data analysis through real life motoring activities.

Emily Hakansson, of the IMI, said the idea grew out of talks with apprentices. She added: ‘When discussing road cars and F1, they could talk at length about power-to-weight ratios and how they impact acceleration and lap times.’