‘I like the way you learn so many new things every day’

Dad Forhad, Ishal, Zeeshan and mum Momtaj Mahmud Picture: Habibur Rahman

Dad Forhad, Ishal, Zeeshan and mum Momtaj Mahmud Picture: Habibur Rahman

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THIS 10-year-old girl looks set to hit a perfect attendance – having not missed a day of school in almost six years.

Dedicated Ishal Mahmud has achieved 100 per cent attendance every year since starting school.

She refuses to take a holiday during the school term, with her loving mum Momtaj saying she ‘loves school more than she loves being at home’.

The Year 6 Fernhurst Junior School pupil’s determined efforts have also garnered praise from Portsmouth’s education boss, Councillor Neill Young.

Ishal’s mum Momtaj, 34, of St Augustine Road, Southsea said she was ‘incredibly proud’ of her daughter’s efforts.

‘She is absolutely determined to get the 100 per cent and set a record,’ she said. ‘It’s become an addiction now.

‘She has a very strong immune system and has never been ill. She just absolutely loves being in school and being in lessons. School is like her home – she now wants to get a place at a boarding school. She is such a strong-minded little girl.’

Ishal’s drive to stay in school has even rubbed off on her younger brother Zeeshan, seven, who also has a 100 per cent record.

Ishal said: ‘It’s amazing. I didn’t think it was possible but right from reception I have never taken a day off and now I’m in Year 6.

‘It has inspired some people. They ask me “why are you so dedicated?” but even if you miss one day you miss out on a lot of work. The more you are at school, the more you learn and that is better for your future.

‘I like the way you learn so many new things every day.’

Momtaj and her husband Forhad, 38, each encourage their children to attend every day of school.

Cllr Young praised the duo’s efforts and urged more families to follow in their footsteps.

He said: ‘Encouraging children to attend school every day is really important. It has a direct link to children’s achievement and social development. We all have a role to play in encouraging children to aim high and emphasising the importance of school attendance.

‘Ishal’s attendance is commendable and reflects her parents’ commitment to her education.’

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