Infant voices fill the Kings Theatre

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FROM lemurs to kangaroos and meerkats, infant school children sang animal-related songs.

Around 500 children from schools across Portsmouth came together to put on a performance at the Kings Theatre in Albert Road, Southsea, last night.

Infant Voices was a week-long event that gives children from nursery to Year 2 the chance to sing together in March.

At the end children in Year 2 put on a show at the theatre, which was organised by the Infant Voices Committee.

Chairwoman Polly Honeychurch, who is also the headteacher of Cottage Grove Primary School, said: ‘This was a celebration of Year 2 children singing, which is a culmination of our Infant Voices Week in March.

‘This is where nursery children through to Year 2 sang at our festivals in different schools.

‘We then invite the Year 2 children to come and perform at the Kings Theatre for this one-off event.

‘A lot of the songs performed last night were written by local composers, and we had a theme of animals.

‘It was a fantastic performance, and the children really enjoyed being on the stage and to have the opportunity to sing.’

Amy Strange, of Wesley Grove, Copnor, watched her niece Katie Welch, seven, of Flying Bull Primary School, and said the show went really well and a lot of effort was put into the performance.




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