New book to help children cope with emotions through research

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City pupils get creative with top children’s author

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RESEARCHERS have written a new children’s book that uses study findings to help children manage their emotions.

My Hero is the seventh in a series of illustrated books written by academics at University of Portsmouth to help develop children’s coping strategies.

It is based on the concept of ‘Growth Mindset’ in which a person believes they can develop their ability and bounce back from failure with a different way in order to succeed.

Professor Sherria Hoskins, head of the Growing Learners research group at the city’s university, said: ‘Our first step as researchers is to test the theory, but we wanted to test it in real-life settings, with teachers and pupils in schools, not in the lab.

‘When this showed promise we wanted to share what we had learned with parents and carers.

‘So we decided to help them to support their children through children’s books with guidance notes on the theory and research underpinning them.’

The books are designed for parents or teachers to read with younger children or for independent readers aged 4 to eleven years.

In My Hero, Albie, a young and dynamic Labrador puppy, avoids water because he can’t swim with the theory the book is used to help children overcome their fear of a particular subject at school.

Previous books have looked at a variety of issues including a character who overcomes the anxiety of appearing in school play to explore the wider issue of anxiety preventing a pupil from succeeding at school.