Out of the classroom: Youngsters enjoy a taste of school during the holidays

(l-r) Mya Williams, Kezia Edwards and Faith Edmunds. 

Picture: Allan Hutchings (142390-795)

(l-r) Mya Williams, Kezia Edwards and Faith Edmunds. Picture: Allan Hutchings (142390-795)

The school summer holidays can drag on.

So staff at Fernhurst Junior School in Southsea decided it would be a good opportunity to get their pupils out of the house by hosting a summer school.

Taking place all week, children are taking part in various activities including arts, crafts and sports.

Deputy headteacher Clare Goodall said: ‘Six weeks can be a long time for children to be away from school so we thought we would try this.

‘We aren’t doing academic work. They have been invited in for the whole week.

‘It gives us an opportunity to touch base with some children, especially those who find the six weeks away quite tough.

‘It helps them remember the school experience.

‘It gives us an opportunity to talk to children and check they are having a nice holiday.’

Children from Years 3, 4 and 5 were taking part in activities such as sewing, playing with clay, making masks and creating their own pizzas.

For the first session, around 50 children took part.

Ms Goodall added: ‘Sometimes the children come back in September and forget what school is about.

‘It gives them a little bit of time and we can chat about things that have happened in the holidays.

‘We aren’t going to be able to prove that it makes a difference because there’s no academic work.

‘Hopefully it will give them a more solid start in September.’

Ms Goodall said children taking part have enjoyed the summer school.

‘They were quiet at first because they weren’t sure what they were going to be doing.

‘But they seem to be enjoying it and it gives them a chance to have a chat with their friends.’

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