Portsmouth pupils watch robots fight it out

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YOUNGSTERS who have been making their own robots had a visit from a hit TV show.

Year 2 pupils at Stamshaw Infant School have been designing and producing their own robots.

To reward them for their hard work they had a visit from Robot Wars.

The children were given the opportunity to race each other with robots.

They were also given a presentation about how the robots on the television show are put together.

John Findlay, event organiser for Robot Wars, said: ‘It’s enrichment and rewards for the children for being so good.

‘It’s promoting engineering too so children know it’s not just about getting your hands dirty – it’s creative and fun.

‘Everyone loves it.

‘There was lots of shouting and cheering.’

Oakley Macrory, six, said: ‘It’s fun. We got to drive the robots. It was really good.’




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