Power of gymnastics conveys vital message

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STUDENTS are using gymnastics to support an anti-bullying campaign.

A group of pupils from Mayfield School in North End have created a performance through gymnastics to raise awareness about bullying.

The idea behind the performance was inspired by Canadian teenager Amanda Todd who was found hanged.

She had posted a video on YouTube detailing her long battle with cyber-bullies.

The group are working on the performance over the next few weeks and after Christmas they will tour different schools.

Gymnastics teacher Dani Geddes said: ‘It’s hard hitting and people stop and listen to it. It tells the story without it being too much or too dramatic and depressing. This is happening and people can make it stop.

‘All of these girls have their own personal way of giving something to it because they have all been through something. I have been through it too, through school and college.’

It comes as next week is Anti-Bullying week.

And Dani said the group have worked hard to create the unique performance.

‘They all pulled together to work as a team,’ she added.

‘We have so much fun doing it. They come every week with enthusiasm and they want to learn more.’

Jazz Butcher, 13, said: ‘I think it’s good because if bullies watch it they will see how it makes people feel. It shows how it affects people in their life. I do like gymnastics very much.’

Maddie Kimber, 13, added: ‘I think gymnastics is really good especially for people that can’t afford gymnastics outside of school, they can come here for free.

They can learn stuff as well as having fun.

‘This is a different way of raising awareness of people being bullied.’




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