Practice evacuation drill for University of Portsmouth

From left, Ella Rose, five, Emily Rose, five, and Louise Rose, 13. The Sir William Dupree & Phyllis Loe Chess Tournament, taking place at Portsmouth High School in April, is aimed at young people of all ages.

CAPTION: From left, Ella and Emily Rose, five, and Louise Rose, 13.

Battle of intellect for the 2017 chess title

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EMERGENCY services have joined forces with staff and students from the University of Portsmouth as part of a practice evacuation exercise.

Staff from Portsmouth City Council have also been taking part in the exercise, called Ruby Moon.

It has centred on the simulated release of a chemical in a science laboratory at the university, which resulted in the evacuation of several hundred staff and students.

St Michael’s Building and King Henry Building were evacuated this morning as part of the test.

As well as university students and staff, the exercise involved a number of volunteers, including council staff, students and paramedics, who will assume the role of casualties.

Tony Davis, head of campus environment at the university, said: ‘We are very pleased to be hosting this emergency planning exercise for the city’s public services. The safety of our students and staff is paramount to the University and it’s important that all the participating organisations have a regular opportunity to rehearse their drills.’

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