Pre-school gets off to a flying start

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A PRE-SCHOOL inspected on the day it opened is celebrating a ‘good’ Ofsted.

St Clare’s pre-school in Havant had not even welcomed its first child when an inspector made an unannounced visit.

Gail Young-Evans, manager of the pre-school at St Clare’s Church hall – which opened on March 1 because the pre-school’s ‘outstanding’ Strouden site across the road was fully booked – said: ‘We were shocked when the inspector turned up but absolutely delighted with the report.

‘The design of St Clare’s was done in consultation with our children from the Strouden site, because we wanted the new children to be as happy as possible.

‘It’s amazing to get such good feedback so early on. Many of our staff members are new, so it’s to everyone’s credit that the first day was such a major success.’

Inspector Christine Clint was impressed with the play resources and staff support.

She said: ‘Staff mostly follow the children’s free play choice and there are fewer adult-led activities for the more confident children attending.’

St Clare’s has 23 children on its roll.