Prestigious award for school with a heart

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A SCHOOL has won a prestigious award in recognition of its commitment to humanitarian issues

Students and staff at Springfield School in Drayton received the British Red Cross Humanitarian Active School Award this week.

Assistant headteacher John Lomas said: ‘We’re delighted to receive this national award in recognition of the school’s commitment to providing a programme that gives pupils in all year groups an awareness of humanitarian issues and the impetus to get involved in a pro-active way.

‘We hope the programme at informs and motivates pupils to play an active role as citizens, both during their time in school and as adults when the time comes to leave Springfield.’

To qualify for the award, the school had to provide evidence of putting on several activities, including a humanitarian workshop, an event for the local community, and fundraising for the British Red Cross.

Springfield will be presented with the award at a special ceremony at the school next Wednesday.