Road safety officers take on competition

Yousef Alam 6, Isabella Doyle 6, Halle Wellham 6, George McKechnie 6 and Isabel Manchip 6 with one of the islands they made out of papier mache

Children get creative with the help of The News

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JUNIOR Road Safety Officers from local schools will be battling it out to be crowned Champion of Champions.

Over the past year these primary aged children have been involved in teaching road safety to their fellow pupils and the wider community.

During the day the children will work their way up the leader board as they become detectives in a dramatised crime scene investigation. They will also be taking perception tests and completing road sign jigsaw puzzles, along with other stimulating activities and challenges.

Pupils from Harrison Primary School in Fareham and Craneswater Junior School in Southsea will be taking part.

Each school will also be given the opportunity to share some of the innovative work their school has taken part in.

Robin Dellow, Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service’s lead for road safety, said: ‘It’s magnificent to see so many youngsters taking on this important responsibility as junior road safety officers.

‘Their enthusiasm is great and I’m looking forward to seeing them all.’

The competition will take place on Wednesday from 10am to 2pm at Winchester fire station.