Schoolgirls give up chocolate to boost Tom Prince Cancer Trust

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GIVING up chocolate is tough for many people but imagine being 10 years old and doing it to raise money for charity.

These six girls are doing just that for the Tom Prince Cancer Trust.

The idea came from Tom’s cousin Amelia Miller. She decided it would be a good challenge and a good way to raise money.

She said: ‘We were going to do it for Lent anyway and my mum and I came up with the idea for doing it for charity as well.

‘It’s going all right so far. It’s not too hard but I do miss it.

‘I feel quite happy about it because we are trying to get more money so it’s good.’

The Tom Prince Cancer Trust was set up in memory of Pompey fan Tom, who died of bone cancer osteosarcoma the day before his 16th birthday.

The charity has become well supported by people from across Portsmouth and beyond.

Lilly Shelley, 10, said: ‘I wanted to do it because Amelia has gone through some of the stuff that my family have gone through.

‘I want to help raise money. My family are very proud of me.’

Lara Finn, 11, added: ‘I came up with the idea of doing it for Lent as I do it as a family tradition.

‘Amelia decided to do it for charity and we thought it would be a good idea to help other children and people who were in the same position as Tom.’

Meanwhile, Brooke Nelson, 10, said it’s been tough to resist chocolate so far.

‘I used to eat chocolate nearly every day so it’s hard,’ she said.

‘Now I am eating sweets instead.’

‘I found it quite interesting because Amelia is one of my best friends.

‘She gets upset about stuff and I thought it would be quite nice to do it for charity to raise money to help.’

The girls all attend Meon Junior School in Southsea.

Jo Parsons is a teaching assistant, said: ‘It’s really good of them to do it.

‘I’m surprised because it’s quite a tough challenge.

‘I couldn’t do it.

‘I am very proud of them.

‘It’s lovely. We are really proud of Amelia doing something for such a good cause.’

To make a donation to the charity please visit tomprince.co.uk.




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