Sochi comes to the city as pupils have their own Olympics

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DRESSED in their hats and scarves in a winter wonderland, you would think these children were in Sochi.

But in fact, the youngsters at the Mary Rose Academy have brought the Winter Olympics to their school.

Children at the special school in Portsmouth enjoyed a day of activities including bobsleigh, ice skating and ice sculpting.

It follows a series of events held at the school to celebrate the Olympics.

Hannah Richardson is head of PE at the school.

She said: ‘We are celebrating the Winter Olympics.

‘Every year we have a journey towards the summer Olympics and this year it happens to be the Winter Olympics.

‘It allows the pupils of Mary Rose Academy to try out different activities that they might not necessarily have access to.

‘It allows them to explore new equipment. Their confidence goes up tremendously.

‘They are working with new people and their communication skills throughout the day are just phenomenal.’

The children have been learning about the Winter Olympics – what they are and the type of environment they take place in.

And Ms Richardson said they have loved the day.

‘They have enjoyed it tremendously. Just look at their faces, they are all smiling and they are all in costume. They just love days like this.’

Zoe England, 32, was at the school with her five-year-old daughter Alyssa-Mae.

She said: ‘It’s fabulous.

‘The kids enjoy it. They have had a brilliant time.

‘They love anything like this – you’ve just got to look at their faces. It’s so rewarding for them.’

Headteacher Alison Beane added: ‘It’s been a stunning day. For us it reinforces the fact that we are a specialist sports college. Sport, fitness and exercise are a really important concept for the children to understand.

‘We can take a very creative approach to deliver not only PE but the arts.

‘It’s exciting and we want our children to enjoy their education and have fun.

‘It also raises awareness of disabilities. Part of our job is to educate others on what special educational needs is all about.’




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