Strong friendship leads to headshave

Tilly and Jake

Tilly and Jake

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KIND-HEARTED Jake Hurst took the bold step of shaving off his long, thick locks after being inspired by a friend.

The 17-year-old Havant College student, was moved when his close friend Tilly Sherwood, 19, began to lose her hair in large clumps last September.

By January Tilly, who is in the same Air Cadet unit as Jake, was completely bald.

She was diagnosed with alopecia areata, a condition no known cause or cure.

Seeing his friend so unhappy prompted Jake to support her by shaving his hair off in front of friends at the college for the charity Alopecia UK.

Jake, from Chichester, said: ‘Tilly was so nice to me the first time I met her and she has been like a big sister to me ever since.

‘It took all my courage to shave my hair off because I did it in front of everyone at college.

‘It gave me an idea of how Tilly must feel.

‘At the same time it felt very liberating to feel the wind over my bald head.’

Tilly, 19, from Uckfield, near Chichester, said: ‘I have always had very thick hair, so to lose so much was a big shock.

‘Jake is an amazing friend to me and I can’t thank him enough for what he is doing for me and for a charity which supports people in my situation.’

So far Jake has raised more than £250.

To sponsor him go to

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