Students win payouts from the University of Portsmouth

The hustings at Portsmouth College - from left:  David Carpenter (college governor), Gerald Vernon-Jackson (Lib Dems), Ian McCulloch (Green), Steve Fitzgerald (college teacher and chair), Stephen Morgan (Labour), Kevan Chippindall-Higgin (Ukip) and Penny Mordaunt (Cons)   Picture: Heather Eggelton

Parliamentary candidates grilled by students at Portsmouth College debate

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THREE students have been awarded compensation because they were unhappy with the teaching quality at the University of Portsmouth.

Since 2003, three pupils who complained about the standard of teaching collectively received £4,500.

The results come from a Freedom of Information request submitted by The News.

The university has said it regrets the payouts, but the figure should be put in context.

Anne Stanford, spokeswoman for the university, said: ‘The university regrets that any student has not been satisfied with the quality of the teaching they have received.

‘However, the figure of three students, who over the course of the last nine academic years have received compensation, must be seen in the context of the 65,000 students whom the university has taught during that period.’

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