Teacher to retire after 38 years at Paulsgrove school

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EILEEN Smith has taught generations of families over the years.

But for mother and daughter Liz and Katrina Nutland, it was even more special, as they came back to teach at the same school.

Eileen, now 62, has been at King Richard School in Paulsgrove for 38 years. Now, she has decided to retire.

She said: ‘It’s been a very difficult decision to make. I will miss it dreadfully.

‘I feel lifetimes have gone by since I’ve joined and the school has developed.

‘There will now be a huge King Richard shaped hole in my life.’

Liz, 48, teaches English, whilst daughter Katrina, 28, teaches dance.

Liz said: ‘It’s people like Eileen that make people like us want to be teachers and want to be part of this community.

‘People like her we all look up to because they are so inspiring.’

Katrina added: ‘She’s one of the reasons I wanted to come here.’

Mrs Smith has taught history, been head of year and, more recently, worked in student services.




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