Thousands spent on supply teachers

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SECONDARY schools in Portsmouth spent an average of £84,643 on supply teachers last year.

This compares with an England average of £100,000 per school, according to the TaxPayers’ Alliance.

Schools in poorer areas were more likely to use supply teachers, the pressure group claimed, however in Portsmouth the amounts spent differed significantly.

At the lowest end of the scale was Admiral Lord Nelson School with nine per cent of children on free school meals (FSM) which forked out just £28,646 for supply teachers – compared with £221,495 at Priory School that has 18 per cent of FSM pupils and £140,156 at King Richard School where 28 per cent of pupils have FSM.

The report said possible reasons for increased spending on supply teachers in poor areas could be finding it harder to fill full-time positions and more time off for sickness.

It added: ‘The simple conclusion is that children who need good, stable teaching most, are the more likely to have instability in their teachers.’